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Ferrari F512M

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Ferrari F512M

A wonderfully cared for example of the rarest incarnation of Ferrari's seminal Testarossa, finished in Rosso Corsa over Nero complete with Carbon Fibre Bucket Seats.

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Originally debuted at the 1984 Paris Auto Show, the Testarossa embraced everything that was great about Maranello's finest. A car that was unashamedly built for drivers, with a screaming top note, eye catching bodywork and the unmistakable Italian flair that only Ferrari is capable of injecting into their vehicles.

The Testarossa can trace it's roots back to the faults of the 512BBi, many who drove the car noted that cabin temperatures could get relatively high due to the plumbing of the front mounted radiator unit that ran through the cabin in order to pair with the mid-mounted engine. Secondly many noted a lack of useable luggage space, a problem that Pininfarina combated by making the car slightly larger in order to accomodate more storage space.

The design of the car at Pininfarina was led largely by the legendary Leonardo Fioravanti, who applied his encylopedic knowledge of aerodynamics to ensuring that the car was as visually stunning as it was functionally sound. The greatest example of this in practice was the design of the iconic side intakes present on the Testarossa models, these intakes served two main functions; firstly they drew clean air to the side mounted radiators, this air was then re-directed upwards and out of the rear of the car by a series of channels located on the engine lid and tail of the car.

This resulted in the fact that the Testarossa did not require a rear spoiler, as it's main Lamborghini rival the Countach did, but produced zero lift at the rear axle. Fioravanti's final design would have a drag coefficient of only 0.36, which was significantly less that the Countach's 0.42.

The F512M was the final version of the Testarossa, and only 501 were produced; making this car more rare than the LaFerrari or 599 GTO to name but a few. It features a longitudinally mounted 4.9L Flat-12 producing 500Nm of Torque at 5,500rpm and a maximum power output of 440hp at 6,750rpm. Each cylinder has four valves, lubricated by a dry sump system with a compression ratio of 10.40:1. The new titanium connecting rods and crankshaft (which altogether weigh around 7.26kg less that their predecessors) mean that the car is electronically limited to 7,500rpm.

0-62mph in 4.7 seconds, a standing quarter mile time of 10.2 seconds and a maximum speed of 196mph are figures that many other modern day supercars envy, 22 years after this car first saw the roads. This car is unbelievably desirable, unbelievably collectable and is sure to contintue to appreciate in value as time moves on.

The car we're offering is finished in Rosso Corsa with Nero interior, including the highly desirable racing seats with red inserts. The vehicle has covered less than 10,000 miles from new and comes complete with original books.


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