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Lamborghini Miura S

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Lamborghini Miura S

A Miura S, recent restoration bringing the car up to SV specification. Perfect condition.

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The Lamborghini Miura can be credited with creating the supercar as we know it today; a car that so radically changed car design in the late 60s, that its influence can still be seen in the design of some of the modern hypercars we see currently released. 

The concept is believed to be the brainchild of seven young engineers at Sant'Agata, with the design credit going to Marcello Gandini at Bertone, who was just 27 at the time. The transversely-mounted mid-engine was something totally new at the time and this design genius can be seen in features such as the doors resembling bullhorns and those now iconic eye-lashes around the lights. 

The 4-litre V12 engine was also a thing of beauty and capable of performance unprecedented at the time, with 350 bhp through a 6 Weber Carb set-up and a top speed north of 175 mph. 

The example we are offering was built in 1970 to 'S' specification and has been unbelievably well cared for during its lifetime. A matching numbers example originally delivered to the US finished in Red over Blue, service invoices indicate that the car resided in Maryland towards the end of the 1980's until the turn of the millennium.

These service records show the car was serviced on a biannual basis and remained under the same ownership for the duration of this period. In 2002 the car moved to New Jersey and underwent what could almost be described as excessive care, between 2002 and 2007 we have more than 20 invoices for over $125,000 worth of restorative work at Exoticars USA - Lamborghini, Maserati and Ferrari restoration Specialists. The level of detail is extraordinary, with the invoices breaking down in detail exactly what was carried out on the car including the re-upholstery of the interior to red.

Around 2009 the car moved again to California and saw equally extensive care and attention. Immediately the new owner spent $186,000 having the car brought in line with SV specification including SV tail flares, SV rockers, SV tail lamp inserts, door pins and a Front Bumper.

The car sits in absolutely pristine condition, it would be no small feat to find a Miura on market today that is anywhere near as mechanically and aesthetically sound as this car.



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