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Mercedes-Benz 200

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Mercedes-Benz 200

great fun for the Sunday afternoon Picnic..  very rare and beautifully restored car. how can be a bad investment??



"sonnenscheinlimousine" easliy translated to sunshine limousine this much rarer example first previewed at the Paris auto salon, ready to go into any collection or straight to use on the road.

Forget trying to charge your family down the motorway at warp speed and settle back with its 40hp four-cylinder engine and 3 speed manual box, perfect for a summers day rolling through the country with your wife's ready made sandwiches that will certainly only attract the right kind of attention.

The car was restored 2 years ago in Stuttgart by its former keeper and has had almost 3 times the value spent to make it what you see today, The car has a full retractable cloth roof that opens to all four passengers.

Plenty of history, going back to when the car was first registered in 1948 makes this rare car great addition to any discerning buyer.

still cool whether your 8 or 80





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