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Romeo Ferraris Cinquone

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Romeo Ferraris Cinquone 210

Romeo Ferraris mid-range powerhouse, a 210hp Abarth Biposto with significantly revised exterior, engine and exhaust system.

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With the Fiat 500 quickly becoming one of the most widely lauded city cars of the modern era, and Fiat's Abarth division already making some of the most extreme and well poised versions of this instantly recognisable shape; one could be forgiven for thinking there wasn't much room for aftermarket tuners to improve what is already a fairly perfect platform. You would, however, be wrong.

Romeo Ferraris have set to work on what started life as an Abarth Biposto 595 and thanks to over EUR16,000 worth of Exterior refinements, engine upgrades and an in-house exhaust system the car now developes 210hp and 310Nm of torque.

As Romeo Ferraris themselves say:

Cinquone 210 is the car for those who like to be noticed and who like both performance and  aesthetic. This version, powered by the 1.4 Tjet, is characterised by increase of performances and driving thrill. Everything is brought to a true sport level: acceleration, speed, handling and braking. "The ultimate exclusivity expression that distinguishes our products can be found in the proposed solutions for the interior personalisation. Endless colour options and materials, components made of carbon fibre and precious wood allow to create the ambience that best represents you.

Our car is finished in a stunning Black with gold trim exterior over a Black interior, this car sounds as good as it drives. If you're in the market for a fun city runabout, this is as good as it gets!



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